bike parts needed and i'm skint!

As i’m skint, and in desperate need of cash to replace the bits that i borrowed to fix up the race bike over the weekend, and for the tyres that i shredded… i’ve decided i’m going to drop the price of showplates!

from Nov 1st, it will be illegal for me to sell them, so that section of my website will just vanish anyway.

From tonight, show plates will be just £7.50 each, inc. p+p! Bargain!
the sooner you order them, the sooner i can get all fixed up!


This offer is open to everyone whilst stocks last…

Will post this up on oss for ya m8.

1 ordered!

cheers fella

an order from me too :slight_smile:

im gonna order, but because im new to this can someone please tell me what size i should have? i dont want to be getting pulled but i also want it looking good. also how strict are they regarding fonts?

Just ordered mine. Thanks mate.

i use a 7x5 on mine, havent had a tug yet… note: that doesnt guarantee that you wont get a tug!