Bike parking near Shepherd's Bush train station?

I need to collect someone from Shepherd’s Bush train station and looking on Google the nearest road I can stop on is Shepherd’s Bush Place, behind the bus station.

On Streetview I can see several bikes parked there. Does anyone know if a permit is needed - or is it simply turn up and find a space?

(Yes, I know there is free parking in Westfield but I hate that place and it’s probably a 30 min walk from the bike parking to the station).,-0.2187129,201m/data=!3m1!1e3

You can park for free. From the council website
“You can park motorbikes in any pay and display or shared-use parking place for free. The whole motorbike must be parked within the parking bay markings. You can’t park a motorbike in a suspended parking bay, on a single or double yellow line during its hours of operation, or on the pavement. Some areas have designated parking bays for the sole use of solo motorcycles – these are clearly marked. Motorbikes must not be parked in parking bays reserved for disabled badge holders, market traders, diplomatic vehicles, doctors, electric vehicles or loading bays.”
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Cool. Thanks, much obliged.

I wasn’t sure which council it was, otherwise would have googled their policy myself :wink:

Not sure if I’m too late but let me know if you are still looking for parking. I worked up there and commuted using my bike, parked it right outside off street in sight.

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