bike parking in london

How do you pay for motorcycle parking in london eg credit card or debit card ect how much ,not parked in london on a bike for a while , and is there many bays round covernt garden . Or can you get some kind of card for shop :smiley:

i believe you pay by text…

wouldnt leave a biek liek yours anywhere near central london, not unless i was right next to it at all times!

There are 2 options on the signs next to the bays - texting and ringing. I wouldn’t bother texting, I’ve tried several times including yesterday afternoon, never seems to work, so just ring the number and follow the automated instructions.

Debit or credit card will do, cost per day is £1 or cheaper if you buy more days at time eg 1 week I think is £3.50.

It’s actually a bit of a scam. You will always pay far more than £1/day or £1 for 30 minutes parking when you use the mobile phone.

Someone needs to take Westminster to court for discrimination against non-mobile phone using luddites. This is just completely unacceptable levels of council discrimination in the 21st century :cool:

thanks for that not going on r1 got an old gsxr ,what i call my rat :smiley:

+1 100%. Don’t know how they have got away with it this long.

F***ing bargain it`s £3.20 minimum for 4 hours in Hampstead and the rails to tie up the horse are shabby to say the least.

I text, just copying the last one I sent. Nice and quick.

Although if you’re near Cov Garden you can go round the corner (north) and you’re in the borough of Camden where bike parking is free.

Still saw yestersday a scooter vespa 50 scratched a new RS125 … What an idiot and a costly painful repait for the new rs125.

Don’t forget you can park in the NCP carparks for £4 a day. I never leave my bike unnattended on the road. There are loads of scooter riders who jam their bikes in the bays. Therer are a couple of bays on St Martins Lane that don’t get too full but the bays by the police station are always rammed.

Here you go; a London map with all motorbike parking bays, showing which are secure etc.

I was also going to say that if you go a bit north or east from Covent garden you can park for free.

Try the bays near Infinity or Parker street.

One good thing about the pay-by-phone motorcycle bays is that you can pay your £1 and then use any of the bays in Westminster throughout the day (they all seem to share the same bay location number 6789). This is useful if you are running errands in Westminster and need to move around the place.

what about mopeds? i hope THEY have to pay too. they should pay more.:slight_smile: