Bike parking In Cambridge

I’m off to a wedding in Cambridge next month, staying in the travelodge near the station on saturday night - CB1 7DY.

Anybody got any good parking tips for around there? I found an NCP across the road but there’s nothing about bike parking on their website.

Parking for bikes shows a few bays not far away but I don’t know the area so maybe they’re crime hotspots (if such a thing exists in cambridge)

The Travelodge is near the station when looked at on a map but is actually a good 10 minute walk away over the railway line. Yes, there is crime in Cambridge but bicycle theft is the main problem with so many students and tourists bringing bikes into the city. The area is a middling area - not the safest but not the worst either. I can’t say I’ve often parked down there but I reckon you can just as easy ride around the vicinity and find a good spot to park up for the night. It’s mostly a pedestrianised area by the hotel. You might also park in Cherry Hinton Road but not so easily in Hills Road. There may be places to park in the road behind the hotel but I wouldn’t recommend it as it is part industrial estate which is deserted and unseen at night (so good for thieves) and also leads to a gym, nightclub and cinema complex.

I’ve used a couple of car parks in Cambridge (usually free for bikes) and some have bays for bikes but usually no straighforward mechanism for getting a bike in and out apart from wriggling round a barrier. As I said, when you get there do a recce and I’m sure you will find something.

Cheers David :slight_smile:

The last time I stayed at the Travelodge in Cambridge at the station they let me put my bike in the lockable area with the bins - ask if they’ll do this. Area otherwise is either full of drunk chavs at the Junction nightclub or deserted. That said, used to park in the areas just off Cherry Hinton without much fuss. Don’t know if your deal includes breakfast but both the Earl of Derby pub and Jackets cafe on the road up to town both do good breakfasts.