Bike Parking In Bedford Row (Chancery Lane)

Calling all LB’ers who know the area…

Need to ride into London for a meeting in Bedford Row nr. Chancery Lane

Where can I leave my bike for about 1Hr?


There’s bike parking on High Holborn just past Chancery Lane Tube

On Guilford Street there’s loads and also on Coley St and Gough St, there’s plenty around there

There should be bays a lot closer but I cannot remember them… .check this maybe it helps?

I use this site

It’s the same site :smiley:

Without being alarmist make sure you lock you bike up really well in that area. Although lots of the local scum are currently being bent over by Babba there are still a few around.

Lincoln Inn Fields is a good place to park if there is room, as the council have also installed ground anchors

If you go to Red Lion Square, there is an open bike bay, by open I mean that they have not closed the bay with any painted marks, so it extends the entire length of the street.

It is hard to explain, imagine there is a bike parking bay, and after the bike parking bay is pay and display and local resident holder permit holders bays, now imagine that the bike bay isn’t closed.

I have discussed this with the local traffic wardens and parked there since September, without incident. Since the bay is not closed, technically the entire bay, including the permit holders bays, are for bikes. Technically they should be putting tickets on the cars for being in bike bays, but they have chosen not to do so.

That is about a 2 minute walk from Bedford Row.

There are 2 bays ON Bedford Row, but both are full by about 8am in the morning, and one of them is tiny, big enough for like 2 scooters.