bike parking bromley

any where i can park ?

Google is your friend:

cheer fella :slight_smile:

Make sure you chain it to something substantial - as someone here will testify - scroats are about.

To be honest I’d swallow the charge in favour of security - lots of mates have had trouble parking in Bromley - especially the bay opposite what was habitat (not sure what it is now). I usually use the place at the bottom - Westmorland road.

There are bike parking bays just off the high street, one is the first left as you go past Churchills and the other is further up on left, quite safe.

Just by the Hill Car Park offers the most security. Although I have used the bays at the top of Ringers Road and Ravensbourne Road just off the High Street for some commando shopping.

Just don’t use the bike bays in the pedestrianised bit of the High Street. It’s a target for the wardens as it’s such an easy nick. They don’t even have too wait the three minutes.

LOKI-JME “…commando shopping.”. You were off to buy some underpants?

What are underpants?

i ened up using the bays in park road made sense as i moved to a gaff just off burnt ash laned easy in easy out via plaistow lane wasn’t too worried about locking to anything more likely to come back an find someone had washed it than robbed it :smiley: