Bike parking bays

What a wnker Harley rider. I parked my bike on the end of a bike parking bay this morning and when I went back to the bike to come home, I saw that it had been moved to allow this wnker of a Harley to get his monster in and his rear side panniers with chrome all round it were resting on the rear mud guard pushing it in. If you can’t fit in find somewhere else. When I got home I saw that female pudenda had sratched the front side panel but I can’t proove that but it was him.
So I was thinking why buy a new bike when some female pudenda is only going to try and scratch for you.

I would never dream of moving someone elses bike! As you say, if you cant fit it in, park somewher else!

Id hate to catch someone trying to move my bike!

id love to catch them doing it…

john…he works as a part time pizza delivery rider

shame you didn’t have any tools on you …you could have politely removed his panniers/saddlebags to make room to get your bike out

I’d only hate to catch them as I’d be forced to break their fingers!

next time you see it just push it outside the bay let him get a ticket then push it back in again

I agree with you that it is wrong for a person to move a bike and create damage.


If someone has parked in such a way where they had definately taken up more than one space, obstrcting the bay in such a way, where two bikes can be parked sensibly, (this does include when the bike is put up right, for enough space for the owner to get on it and manouver it out of the space)…, being mindful about the situation, not ignorant, then I move the bike (if I can, dependant on size and weight)

I must stress, that in no way at all would I move someone elses bike, to create the possibility of damage to occur.

With all due respect, If I caught anyone I didn’t know with their hands on my bike then I would not find that acceptable, and I’d be seriously pi$$ed. You have no right to touch anyone elses property, even if it does cause inconvenience to you. Perhaps leave a note for the owner if your that distressed, but I wouldn’t dream of moving their bike.

Id like to see you remove my Bull Mastiff from obstructing a parking Bay

Where I sometimes park there is a guy who insists in riding into the space, and of course this messes up the whole leaning one way thing. And it the biggest and oldest offroader you ever seen! So annoying!

Fair play, I do understand…

I’d like to see you remove my Bull Mastiff from obstructing a parking Bay

I’d throw it a piece of meat…

Offer mine a grape and he’d fall for it - silly sod!!

I know what you mean, I was on a training course once, put my bike where I could see it kept checking and loan behold someone tries it I flew down the stairs and had a word… couple of days later though some idiot on a SV moved the scooter next to mine, up against a cruiser, then mine up against the other scooter, I was not impressed, so was careful with the other scooter, but made no effort to keep an eye on his… Not my problem if he had to carry part of his bike home…

Today 4 scoots where blown over by the wind in the bay today, being so light they must be a nightmear to ride in these windy conditions.

As mentioned elsewhere, Jackie’s bike was in a bay where most of the bikes go blown over, although she was lucky.

As for riding in windy weather - I find my Vespa GT, which is nearly as heavy as Jackie’s X9, is better than the X9 in wind as there are few hard angles to catch the force of the wind. The Zip I used to ride, which weighed less than I did, was an nightmare in any adverse conditions as it was flung all over the road by any gust at all.

Not just because you are a natural sail then?

Jim, your not saying he`s a big lad are you.