Bike not too well . . .


I need some help! If things break on the car i am normally OK. When something is wrong on the bike i dont have a clue!

It all started (I think), well i noticed it when bike started to judder due to low fuel, so i switched to reserve fuel. Bike stops juddering! Have filled up now, but when i open up the throttle, it climbs perfectly to 6/6.5k RPM, and then really hesitates and sounds really bad.

As i said, i have only noticed it since this morning (petrol issue above). Thought it may be bad fuel, but have left bike all day in the hope any crap in the tank will settle to the bottom. This has made no difference!

Any ideas?

Thanks people,


If this juddering has only appeared since your refill I would suspect the fuel or if you ran the tank low you may have drawn some sediment from the tank into the carbs/throttle bodies.

Is that easy to sort out?

take it for a good hard run, ive had this before and it cleared it out. if this does not work, take the tank off remove the airbox and on the bottom of each carb you will see a screw at the bottom of the filler bowl, undo it and let the petrol out, do this on all 4 carbs.

not even sure if you have carbs as it might be injection depending on what year your bike is.

the other thing to do is replace the inline fuel filter.

Was it supermarket petrol?

BP Petrol. Always use that.

As the other Andy suggests a blast may clear it. I suspect an early morning and a clear bit of motorway might help clear it:cool:

Failing that it’s a tank off, clean out job:crazy:

Will run it down to Hammersmith tonight. Take it out over the weekend!

Out of interest is it Fuel injection model?

2001 (Y) - beleive it has Carbs

Fuel filter?

Sorted the problem guys. On Way down to Poppins. It involved the A3, full throttle on the bike. I must have looked like i was on on of those rodeo bulls when the power arrived!

Thanks for advice guys!

Good to hear it’s sorted mate:)