Bike not running right after spill.

I had a little spill on my bike last week. I’ve got it all back together now and just been for a ride.
When idling it sounds like it is fine, when I rev it, it sounds fine. But when I open her up whilst riding it feels like it is stuttering and holding back then it feels like it wants to go. I’m worried if I open her up it’ll stutter then kick into life and then throw me off the back.
The can was damaged in the fall so I’m wondering could that be the problem?

Check fuse that covers the fuel pump maybe?

Check fuel hose is unkinked.

Does it have any electrickery in the exhaust system like a 02 sensor?

Bang on the can might have created a leak further up? Sounds like a compression issue to me, given that it’s only happening under load. If you get stuck and can make it to Watford I’ll have a look for you.

It’s all pre-cat so no electrickery in the exhaust. I’ll check the fuses and fuel lines and put the standard can back on tomorrow and see if that cures it.

Squashed a breather hose somewhere ?

04 is not too old to have a lambda sensor, tightening laws on emissions forced manufacturers to start using them I think.