bike night friday 13th july 2012 6pm onwards

who is up for ace cafe this friday for bike night? i finish work 8;30pm so i will be coming up some point after 8;30 so should be there by 9ish if enough LBers are attending.

LBer coming (copy and paste list)

  1. Kishan
  1. Daws1989

Double post!

Kish, consolidate dude…:smiley:

see you there if its dry. it’ll be packed if it is.

i wont be there for the forseable future now the main bike is gone :crying: though i may borrow a bike for the odd ride around kent

  1. kishan

any more LBers coming tonight? met weather shows light rainfall 7pm to 10pm :-/

  1. DanielGT - 50% :laugh: :stuck_out_tongue:

What time you guys heading up?

I gotta go put the DT back together then hopefully Il be there around 9ish

Would love to make it but I’m still trying to get home from travelling with work. Sutton to the Ace may be pushing it a bit tonight as I’m shattered!

was a very wet ride to ace cafe the north circ was flooded but was good chilling with some of the LBers who went tonight :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t like to see their version of heavy rain - there was more water on the roads round here than I have ever seen:w00t:

i was gonan turn around and go home as the north circ was flooded but there was no where to do a U turn on the north circ so the only option was keep going to the ace haha

Sorry I didntmake it, I got delayed. then it was raining too hard for my liking

ha ha no worries daws hopefully see you next friday :stuck_out_tongue:

Fingers crossed the heavens stay closed!

you guys missed a good night, Ben got really creative with some simple items available on the table, courtesy of Tug


lol that was funny and he put his fingers inside his pint to get them out was was baffeled why he couldnt geto them and then realised they were stuck on the outside haha