bike night friday 13th april 2012 6pm

Location :

Ace Cafe London
Ace Corner
North Circular Road
NW10 7UD

Time : 6pm onwards

Date : 13 april 2012 friday

who is going ? i should be there by 9/10ish im 50% going

i am very tempted as i ve only been to the ace onece before that was a sunday, fridays is meant to be good though:) so i will do a rain check nearer the time, anyone going from the tea hut?

i could meet u at the hut if u wana ride down there what time r u thinking?

I could meet over at the hut too… What sort of time are you thinking?..

not sure yet what time as just texted my mate to see if he can do it or not, will keep you informed

ok anytime after 4 so make it a 5pm at the tea hut all dependtant on this weather as its acting like a moody mother in law right now
chillaxe at the hut

The weather looks shite tomorrow.

yeah will do a rain check but might go even if its 50/50 still

anyone going to ace cafe via colindale nw9? if so could i tag along with anyone going at 9ish as im working late ?

I hope there is no rain as I too fancy a ride out from the BH hut :wink:

Just been on the met office website and London & south east looks dry :wink: so happy ridding tonight me thinks too Ace Cafe :wink:

No. After riding home this everning from work, I am having some friends round for dinner. On the menu is:

Starters - dips and things to dip in them

Main - Home Made Fish Pie and Roasted Vegetables

Pudding - Melted down Easter Eggs chocolate tart with cream and rasberries

Drink - wine, beer, fruit juice (or any of the contents of the drinks cabinet which consists of Mongolian Vodka from 2004, Ouzo, some dodgy Portuguese pink looking drink and a few other concoctions which have festered there from well intentioned duty free holiday deals around the world)

Enjoy your ride to the Ace / BH or wherever.

Have fun and Happy Friday!!

If i have not died of food poisoning I will see some of you at Box on Sunday.

Ok well I have just been on the Met Office website and yep its saying the evening is going to be great :slight_smile: So happy a happy ride tonight :wink:

yes its looking good should be at the the hut at 5 30 slight delay

bollox we have rain slight delay again

c u there or at the ace laterz

Will be there at 19:30 with a mate.


Fell asleep whilst waiting for the thunder and rain to stop and just woke up… Sorry I missed you guys…Weather looks brill… Hope to see you out soon.


Wine…sofa…shite TV, I couldn’t be bothered, hope the rain held off! :slight_smile:

Turned out to be a good night, i only went to see your new bike.