Bike Night at The Boot, Sarratt - Monday 9th February 2009


Yes, it’s come round again… bike night at The Boot on Monday 9th Feb with bikers bar menu on offer.

Hopefully see you then (unless it’s bloody snowing again!)

Mon :cool:

i should be there this time, first time since november!!:w00t:

Yes, we did notice… I’ve made a note in my little black book…!! :stuck_out_tongue:

i say… well i look forward to seeing you guys again.

I’ll be there to make sure westie does’nt run away with the chef :smiley:

I’m sorry to say but our Head Chef (aka the object of Westie’s desires) is on holiday but we do have a much better looking, and younger, version working that night!! :wink:

really?! ooh im deffo coming now!:P:w00t:whys that tj have you finally succumbed to me?:stuck_out_tongue:

No I think he’s su’cumed :wink: to someone else LOL

I’m gonna try and make this one, anybody else from the car and van club making an appearance?

:smiley: yes


So why haven’t you been since November? :Whistling:

Some of us don’t work in a nice cosy place 9-5, we work all odd hours and have to carry rather large items, hence why we will be in the van… we work around pleasure and have to pop in on our way home. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can leave your handbag at home Ang, for just one evening :w00t: :cool:

Prepare to duck Steve :laugh:

Well not going to make this as I need to stay at work and earn money to pay for a new cooker! :pinch:

I’m still at blimmin work :frowning:

Well for a bike meet it was devoid of bikes. The LB car and van club was in attendance with some pretty awful road conditions. Flooded roads and rivers flowing down the roads. Now understand why the road there from Watford is such a state.