bike night ace cafe 29th june 2012

who is going ace cafe tomorrow night for bike night 29th/06/2012 friday ? i finish work at 8;30 so i should get to ace cafe by 9/9;30pm if anyone is going .

  1. kishan - if any of the other LBers are going

maybe - depends on the weather…

I might join you guys.

anyone heading off from central london or Archway Area?

Never been to one of these so tempted to come along. I’m heading out from Shoreditch, if anyone’s based around there (and wants to save me from getting lost!).


Normally i would say yes as i live the other side of Shoreditch but alas not this friday am picking up a pillion straight from work :frowning:

I may swing past on the way back from the Festival of Speed.

  1. kishan + 1 or 2 others
    3)Ash007 (maybe)

How will I recognise you ?

My number plate is R1X and i will prob have an LB hoodie on unless it warms up.

my bike plate ends in BRV i will be in a alpinestar black jacket with blue jeans and brown boots with a black bag and a white helmet with black visor :smiley:

that narrows it down…:smiley:

i may squeeze a piggy back ride, my bike’s still not well.

You missed what underwear you will be wearing. :w00t:

i will be there with one or two others.

be good to catch up with you rixy.

Perhaps Kishan goes commando! :smiley:

Cool! Where abouts?

Seriously though, my sense of direction is abysmal. I once got lost in my friends house in the middle of the night, gave up, and slept next to the whisky cabinet. Good times.

Back on topic, probably won’t be down tonight after all, pencilled in for next week though :slight_smile:

jsut got home was fairly busy there tonight, i aw danielT bike next to mine but couldnt see him.

^^ I was looking for you. Couldn’t find you :frowning:

didnt know you were there Daniel!

wasnt on my bike though, so not really obvious i was there :wink:

Even with Kishan’s photo available from a few weeks ago he was overlooked again. :crying:
Kishan, maybe you ought have a special place to meet…like next to where the T shirts are
wearing a red rose :slight_smile: