Bike needs some attention, any ideas?

So some of you may know I came off the bike the other week, and the bike was parked on that street until today.

I went to get the bike today (I had left it because of the snow, and because I have a cold/flu), and everything seemed fine, it started (eventually) and the breaks, mirrors, clutch etc all seemed fine.

Problem was, the front left hand indicator was not working. Strangely, I had ddropped the bik on the right, and the indicator glass was broken, but not the bulb. Having taped the glass back on, I assumed everything was fine, until I saw the left one wasnt working.

I had dropped the bike on the left a month or so ago, when I forgot to take the disk lock off. I didn’t notice any problems at the time.

I got home, jiggled the indicator about a bit ( part of the casing had come free from the bolt on both indicators), and all of a sudden, the indicator started working again. I jiggled plenty more and it didn’t stop working. Any ideas what the problem could be?


bulb or dodgy wire/connection

If it was the bulb, wouldn’t it be completely out? Can a bulb comeback from the dead like that?

I guess it must be a dodgy connection ;[

Any other suggestion on how I can be sure what needs doing?

its just a loose wire or sumthing

Any idea how to fix it? :frowning:

I havent done any maintainance on this bike yet… :S

fiddle with it till it works n stick it in place? lol

you can knock the filiment and it work again it does happen so change the bulb check it works if your still getting the problem clean the connections try again if it carries on the check the wires its nothing major

Didn’t you already say you fixed it by fiddling with it and it works now? :ermm:

pay attention tiggi their will be a test at the end:D

Seems as though a bike maintenance course is in order for Dr P. :slight_smile:

I was paying attention!! see ^^^ he says he fixed it. Do I win the quiz?

There isn’t one, you fixed it :ermm:

You’ve got a dodgy connection - simples
best thing to do is to take the bulb out and have a look at the bulb holder - it’s often a broken wire in there that kills it.If it’s all ok there, then it’ll be the wire from the holder to the connectors to the loom.
if it’s the bulb holder, you can easily fix it with a spot of soldering.If it’s the wire, just replace it (anad again a spot of soldering at the bulb holder)
or just get a new indicator - they come with the wiring

Thansk for the advice :smiley: should be sorted soon as.