bike messengers in the states.....

Their Nuts???

I wouldn’t say there on crack id say there Very skilled I ride my bike in the same kind of way the more you do it the eaiser it gets its fun but no matter how good you are if a car door pops open your off so try and do it as safe as you can

It makes every trip FUN!

Typical cyclists not cosideration for other road users and predestrians. I hate them all.

I’d be tempted to knock them off if they rode like that here.

You lot are getting old what they do is very cool mayve not the safest way to get around town but cool all the same Your all starting to sound like the old ladies who still think all bikers a rebels.

Nah, not at all mate, I’m just thinking about my saftey, if I saw someone doing that next to me, he’d be putting me in danger is I’d run a risk of hitting him, or someone else hitting him, which might tangle me up in it. Self preservation and all that

I hate em too, spent all that money on bike lanes, sum even with their own traffic lights, and they ignore the lot. Ban em I say.

couldn’t disagree more sorry.
cyclin’s as much fun as riding
True, there are some complete d!ck’s out there that are dangerous
But hey, there’s a lot of folks on here, that speed, wheelie and stunt
and I’ve seen many do it on public roads too, but we’d defend their fun

So why does the cyclist get a hard time and not the biker?

Sorry guys, love the both, bicycles and bikes

2 wheels good, 4 wheels mental lost it road raging waste of tarmac space!

Because beardie wierdies ride past me at the lights giving it the Nescafe sign…

Grrrrrrr I still haven’t forgotten that one you know…

haha i’m with toby on this on - those guys can shift - they’re cool. can’t recommend the redlight thing but if i was a cyclist, i dare say i’d be doing it

love how the pedestrians just carry on as normal as they hack between 'em

i hate the slow ass tree huggers in suits with bicycle clips, and the muppets going at 5mph and blocking everyone trying filter. if you’re not going at pace, get the hell outta my way!!

I 2nd Toby-1-kenobi and JonnyB

Brilliant little film. So glad it didn’t have the usual hard rock sound track - gave the film a thoughtful and composed atmosphere. Just the kind of mindset needed for some really rapid filtering.

Thanks for digging this up…