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Hi guys/gals I ride a 2004 Honda cbr1000rr fireblade,I’m only 38 but havnt ridden in 18 months due to moving away,but am back home now and I’ve been riding again for the past month and it’s like I was never off a bike!!! I live in Brentwood in Essex but used to ride over in Kent with some old mates who I now no longer ride with hence why I’m on this site trying to find people for rideouts etc and a fast road rider and trackdays rider and was just curious where in Essex do bikers meet up as it gets kind of boring riding on your own.i used to meet up with plenty of bikers at the ebbsfleet roundabout in Kent near blue water but I’m not sure whether anyone gets over there now since the train station opened.any help or advice would be great and I need to get these knee sliders sliding again :slight_smile:

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High & Welcome

there’s plenty of rideouts organized here just keep a lookout for them
Essex you have high beach tea hut
& the Halfway house on a Tuesday
there’s Blackheath tea hut
& the best meetup is Borough market on a Wednesday

and if you check meetup website you can join mc groups

see you on a road :slight_smile:

Im in Hornchurch and have a blade too. We are always out on meets, your more than welcome to tag along. Rides range from the nice steady ones right up to the fun hoonigan style!! You sound like you would enjoy the BCR ride and any of the TOWiE or Finchingfield runs.

Hi mate yes that sounds good,I’d like to tag along if that’s ok.what days do you normally go out?

Mostly Sundays,

The BCR starts in Collier row at 0800 on a Sunday morning and heads of into finchingfield and is a very fast paced ride, mainly done by the Super Moto Loons but does have Sports and Super Bikes too.

The Finchingfield runs start at High Beach around 10am and are a more steady pace but are still great fun and can be ridden at any pace you want.

The TOWiE runs are a full on day and start at the Tea Hut High Beach, take in Finchingfield before heading off to Burnham and finally into West Mersea then back home to Brook street roundabout where we all split off. we have only done 1 of these so far but plan another one very soon.

Ok mate all sounds good to me.message me or give me a call/text when your out next and I’ll meet up with names antOny and number is 07887862586

Just keep an eye out on here mate, there is always rides planned

^^ steady on :wink:

You should know Sam talks more than he rides. About 1/10. :smiley:
The Jetstreams ride almost every Sunday. Everywhere. But they mostly start at the ace.
The Wales ride occurs twice a year so you need to book yourself early as it fills up quickly.
Last but not least, thanks Paula for advertising other forums on here. You could have at least asked.

Meet Alba…it wouldn’t be the same without her :grinning:

Not sure I agree with that Alba. I ride every single day, ive been on pretty much every Finchingfield ride in the last 12-18 months. Ive riden my bike to every BSB event (apart from knockhill) this season, and I go on rideouts if they start before 0900 unlike you :slight_smile: but whos counting?? Lol

^^ my point bahahaha, it would be dull without her!

Haha hahaha…

Hey man are you working Sunday?

Sam trust you’d take the bait :smiley:
Still 1/10 that’s how much you blabber :smiley:

Alba we love you

There is a bike meet at the Shepherd&dog Gore Rd Ballards Rochford SS42DA Every Saturday morning
about 12pm to 4pm, British and modern bikes with harleys.

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