Bike lover


hi i am Liza and i am doing a job and i love to be socialized as i really love to talk about motors, cars and bikes etc… and also i love to increase my social circle. would you guys join me ?



you know a sites quiet when the spammers are posting more than the members


A : Whats the Job?
B: How much does it cost to “talk” ?
C: Do you do group socialising or just one on one ?
D : Is it just for the guys ?


well i dont think it is just for guys :smiley:


I think LizaJack and JackMerlin are one and the same person.


I had the same thought. All very dodge.


What Having multiple accounts is wrong !!! Really I’m glad you pointed that out .


Yup. My cat was going to point that out too, but she can’t find her password.


And the comments and subjects are sus.