Bike lock idea

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Obviously nothing can stop a bike being lifted away, but surely an improvement over an alarm disc lock would be an alarmed chain which goes around the rim of the wheel which means to get it off you’d have to angle grind through the rim of the wheel or through the chain - in other words much better than a disc lock where it’s quick and easy to just avoid the lock by grinding through the disc?

You can get alarmed D-locks which would achieve much the same but cutting through locks doesn’t appear to be a major deterrent

What I meant though was that the disc (not the lock) is easy to cut through, which is how I understand a thief will normally defeat a disc lock, whereas a whole rim is not going to be cut through easily or quickly

Do you mean they cut through the brake disc itself? It would slow them down a bit, but if they really want it it’s gone.

Just make sure your insurance policy covers it.

Cutting through a chain would be easier than cutting through a rim, disc or disc lock

its been known for the shit bags to cut through disks
its quicker than trying to cut a disc lock off

I heard that because discs are cast, they can be broken easily with a hammer. Whacking the disc with a hammer is more in keeping with their skill set.

wacking them with a hammer will more than likely just just buckle them on disc carrier
cast will break easy yes but the carrier will have enough give to take the brunt of the force

How will the alarm part of your chain be more effective than one on a disc lock? If someone does not care about an alarm going off whilst trying to cut the disc, why would it bother them when trying to cut a chain?

And you can use both a disc lock and chain at the same time. Or a separate motion alarm inside the bike somewhere, they are petty cheap. Or all three together.

But any security can be defeated if someone is determined enough, so whatever you use will be mainly to just deter opportunists anyway.

Yeah, I’m not suggesting anyone should try this at home.

I always wondered if an alarmed lock really increases its deterrent effect?

For the joy riding amateur scrote they can’t break the lock anyway.

For the portable-angle grinder hardened scrote a little extra noise won’t be a problem - or am I wrong?

You’re not wrong

Depends where the bike is, if it’s outside your window then the alarm may be of benefit.

Just put enough cheap disc locks on it to make thieves look at it and go ‘you know what nah’.

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Yup, alarms are great if you’re the one that can hear it, not many people take notice of them bar them disturbing the peace.

I saw a Yahama scooter recently with three - he obviously subscribes to your theory.

It’s probably no worse than any other theory: not particularly difficult to implement once you are already bending down to lock one on, you may as well put two on - and it would cause some thieves to say ‘nah’.

after loosing my my very expensive alarmed disc lock
i brought 2 of these yes they weigh a bit but the size of them stops an angle grinder getting to the pin
& they fit snugly into the disc web

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That looks pretty solid. What make are they?

I always go for the theory of make it more of a faff to nick mine than one of the other bikes in the bay. Chain to solid anchor then 2 disk locks.

I now live in the sticks so locks are a bit of a meh.

I think they are lincmaster (i used the photo for reference, they arent the ones i have )
I got them from a company we use for plant hire very cheaply @ £10 each.