Bike knocked over in car does a runner.

I parked in Battersea Park car park on the west side on friday afternoon around 6:00pm after playing football returned to bike at 8:00pm to see extensive scratching and damage to left side of bike (it was back on sidestand).

A church minister came up to say he had noise and alarm going off but as he reached he only saw a car leaving very quickly and didnt get the license plate. He had picked the bike back up hence why it was back on side stand.

Front fairing cracked, wing mirror broken, petrol tank scratched, tail piece scratched.

How the idiot managed to hit a bike in the middle of a space in an end bay with that much force is amazing. Also very lucky for them as it seems I missed it by minutes.

I have reported it to the police and there is CCTV but it seems it only focuses on spaces for 50% of the time.

I am so pissed off as its probably about £500-600 pounds of damage on a previously spotless bike and the dick did a runner. I really hope the CCTV gets his plates.

They should be castrated when caught

by the way does anyone know if the crack in the fairing can be fixed or will it almost cost the same as getting a new one ?

Very sorry to hear this - we had a similar event but the bike was written off. Lucky for us the person came to find us & owned up (honest folks live in the Cotswolds).

Best of luck with the search & repair.

Try Paul at Altamura - they do a lot of crash repair work and will be able to give you an honest opinion.

  • 1 for Altamura. Very good people

Let me know how you get on because i have a cracked fairing in need of repair too

What type of insurance do you have?

This is very important in cases like this, as if you do not have fully comp, it is possible that your insurance company will not take action. The police will not take action and this will mean it is down to you to take action yourself.

Unfortunately, this type of behaviour no longer amounts to criminal damage, you can thank the House of Lords for that, they have completely changed the interpretation and understanding of what amounts to criminal damage and “accidents” no longer amount to criminal damage unless it was foreseeable and the person carried on in the behaviour that gave rise to the risk, aware of that risk…in other words if it wasn’t a fecking accident in the first place. What is an accident if it isn’t something you didn’t know was going to happen? useless old farts…as you can probably tell I have run foul of this new interpretation myself and don’t care much for the interpretation.

The police aren’t interested in chasing people who leave the scene of an accident unless someone is injured or the damage is considerable and will tell you to talk to your insurance company, who may not get involved unless you are fully comprehensive.

Which will mean you will need to get a solicitor yourself at your own cost and perhaps chase the driver that way. Which is a big pain in the backside for £500 of damage.

Good luck though.

thanks for the replies and have just spoken to Paul at Altamure (really friendly guy) I have to send some pictures and he will give me a rough quote.

I have fully comp insurance but the excess is £400 so dont really want to claim as I will lose my no claims bonus.

Will let you know how I get on

It shouldn’t work like that, if there is CCTV footage, they will claim against his insurance for you. So it may not count as a claim against your insurance, because they will include any of their costs in their recovery money.Fully Comp will usually cover some legal assistance for just such instances.I am not an insurance lawyer or broker, but I strongly suggest you ring them and ask them, they might surprise you or they might not and you may be entirely correct. Also your excess won’t count, as again it isn’t a claim on your insurance, he will have to pay his excess in the payout to you.

what I mean is I dont know who the other guy is so I can’t claim against them. I will tell the insurance company though in case by some miracle I get CCTv footage