Bike Jack - Warning - Bromley / South East London!

Dear all, as some of you know I have a dedicated facebook page which I set up back in 2008 for people to report their stolen bikes in London and Greater London area. In the last 2 years I have invited officers from 7 different police stations around London to join up this page and monitor it from time to time in case they come across a stolen bike and might be able to recogize the particular details left on that page by the victims.

The facebook page is on this link:!/groups/30789069615/

However the reason for this post is to make you all aware of a very serious and nasty bike jack theft that took place in Bromley July 19th 2012 and the poor guy has posted on that page yesterday.

Here is his report:

Mike Dorothy Lambrou I was Bike jacked on the 19/7/12 @ 1730 by two riders on a moped. I was riding from Bromley to Selsdon in south greater London. The two lads on a scooter followed me for over 4 miles before they attacked me kicking and punching me for over 2 min to give them the keys. They never got the keys bust still took off with the bike. I was too winded to do anything else. The bike is a 08 Red Honda Fireblade with a two brothers racing exhaust. I know these things are replacealbe but anyone who is a biker knows what its like to have your bike just as you want it for some tosser to just take it. Not to mention the £500 excess.
I would like to get the bike back hence hitting the social media sites. If anyone can find the bike the money i would of paid out on the excess its yours. Better still if you can find the two assholes responsible i will give you front seats to watch me cut them up with my chainsaw. as the police are becoming powerless in protecting us its time to show the thieving gits a lesson and a deterrent on what will happen to you in the future.
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Mike Dorothy Lambrou Frame no JH2SC59A58M004436
Engine No SC59E2004423
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Dayem Pasha Sorry for your loss. Id keep an eye out. Best of luck
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Beata Szukala-Doroz Nice bike, really sorry to hear your story, good luck,fingers crossed and I hope you will find it…
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Francesco Camardo Mike I am terribly sorry that this has happened to you. Did you check if there was any CCTV camera in the vicinty of the accident, although you do not believe in the police, have you reported the accident? Was your bike Datatagged at all? One thing I recommend to all riders is to invest in both a DATATAG and a Tracker see details on this link:

Motorcycle tracking & Security Systems - TRACKER
Secure your motorbike with a motorcycle tracking system from the UK expert in stolen vehicle recovery - TRACKER
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Leon Allen ****, that is not far from were I live, stealing a bike is one thing but to be jacked like that is taken the piss, I hope the stealers die a horrible death and good luck in getting your bike back I will keep my eyes peeled.
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Questo Sono Io Did they actually followed you home? And without key, how did they managed to get the bike?
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Mike Dorothy Lambrou The police were called by 11 people at the same time. They took a thorough statement from me and all the witnesses. The bike wasn’t datataged just the Honda averto alarm system.
When I saw them go for the keys and failed I stopped the bike took the keys and ran. They blocked my path with there bike so I couldn’t go anywhere. It was seconds b4 the jumped on me. I was unable to get the steering lock on. After a couple of min of trying to get the keys off me neighbours started coming out of the houses, that’s when they gave up. One scumbag on my bike and the other following him on the scooter with his leg out pushing my bike by the pillion foot peg. They never spoke to one another they had it all rehearsed propped professional job.
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Francesco Camardo Bad luck, lets hope your bike is found.
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Mike Dorothy Lambrou Thanks will let you if they do. Now just have the usual fight with one insurance company as they try to avoid paying out for anything.
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Francesco Camardo Make sure you list EVERY aftermarket part that was fitted to the bike, if any with supporting receipt, you are entitled to include those in your claim. You know things like yoshimura exhausts or any other trick part.
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Francesco Camardo I see your pic show a nice carbon White Brothers exhaust system if I am not mistaken, that counts too.
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Mike Dorothy Lambrou Yeah list done just need the battle to start on Monday.
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happens more than people think, specially with sportsbikes.

bastards, how does this happen, i suppose no one stops to help anyone these days. :angry:

how? quite easy really, they follow you until youve stopped long enough, then they jump you.

you ever tried fighting while wearing a full face crash helmet? it aint easy!

not good :frowning: hopefully the bike is found and so are the scums who did this and get abit of street justice.

what i meant was, clearly this happened on a public road. no one looks out for anyone else any more.

i wasn’t expecting him to fight off a couple of chavs, sometimes it’s better to back off and make sure you get to go home and see your family.

wouldnt have been chavs dude, more like rudeboys in london.

this is london, people get stabbed even shot for getting involved, it does not surprise me that no one jumped in, wasn’t long ago jewell i think? posted up about his mate getting stabbed twice trying to get his bike off of two thieving cunts

Sorry to hear that.

Bromley really is chav central.

Sorry for this guys loss i’ll keep em peeled as live in bromley area but trust me if i see any bike two up i aint riding with for more than two streets im taking evasive action i e wrong turn signal turning with no signal then im gone .

its happened at ace before too, more than once, after 11 when it closes it quietens down, and from what i recall when it has happened its happend at the lights oppo way from the arches.

late at night in certain areas i stop at red lights, but i dont wait :wink: even during the day its eyes everywhere, specially if i was on a expensive sportsbike.

2 front seats to watch me cut them up with my chainsaw haha! Loves it!

They did this in daylight too.

One day hopefully them shits will mess with the wrong biker. I’d imagine it’s quite hard to put up a fight with helmet and leathers on. I may have to turn my gloves into knuckle dusters. Maybe even put some spikes at the end of my boots so I can kick them in the throat!

+1. Sorry to hear this as I live in the area too - I’ll keep my eyes peeled, but as redrat says, if I ever get 2 up on a scooter following me I’m off in a could of dust.

do you know where in bromley this happened?

outraged mate as this is my hood, Smilied lost his bike in bromley once would not surprise me if it was the same pair.

Deffo a gang in the area my mate was driving a crane at rushey green he watched two cnuts pull up on a scoot one jumped straight off done the steering lock on his 07 r1 an the scoot proceeded to push it up the road never to be seen again that was literally a week before shane lost his.

and if you try to do something about it yourself… this is what happens…–general-news/motorcycle-thief-escapes-vigilante-justice/21043.html

****, that sucks dude!!

I tell you what, I’ve become far more aware (paranoid!) since joining this site. It would have never occurred to me before that I might get jacked, and to check if I was being followed. At least some good may come of this if it means that a few more bikers like myself are made aware of the dangers.

Hope he gets it back and the shits that took it are dealt with appropriately :Whistling:

That’s a good site you set up mate. Sorry to hear about your friend.

i agree with Mike, mate, it’s terrible to hear that you have been a jack victim, i think it is definitely time for us to all stand up and be counted,…lets stop this happening anymore, full stop, point blank…

what i propose is this,…if you are a biker and find yourself in a situation where you are under attack for you pride and joy, chances are it’s the scum of the earth that are attacking,…so lets retaliate in such a way, that no one will ever take the chance of performing a jack ever again. you want to try and take my bike off of me, fine,…but im taking a chunk outta ya before you’re gone. mike is right, the rozzers are growing ever more powerless to fight this type of crime. we need to form some sort of alliance,…lawyers, solicitors, police get em all involved and create a protected army of bikers who actually give a **** about the ones who cant protect themselves against this sort of thing,…a group of vigilante nut jobs who will leave you with more than a bad experience if you try and relieve some one of their personal effects.

im not saying lets for a rabble and destroy the city,…what im saying is create an accumulative and BLOODY PROTECT IT. im not suggesting we all don a batman costume and start fighting crime,…but if WE,. THE ONES WHO ARE DIRECTLY AFFECTED,…do nothing,…how can we sit and moan and gripe when others do nothing also.

this sort of thing is bordering on epidemic levels,…some thing needs to be done, and it needs to be done now.

i have also had a bike or two stolen,…and it never gets an easier, that moment when you realize all the hard work you pitched in has now resulted in a huge pain in the ass and an excess you would rather not have to pay in the first place.


you really think you got time to call people if you get jacked?


you can try and be brave but chances are you will come off ALOT worse!

is your bike worth getting stabbed for?

no its not…if your insured let it go…

i’ve been stabbed and it fucking hurts!

what we really need is crocodile dundee.