Bike is Ready For France!!!

Just cleaned up all the bikes wiring and fitted my PDA to the bike for thye france trip (french maps loaded) just in case i loose every1!

See pics

Is it waterproof mate?

Na its not but thats a problem with most pdas…this will only be used once in a while and its got a rain cover i made…

Looks good, have fun!

what is the pda for? is a gps thing?

Yeah its my sat nav, road tested yesterday with some hard acceleration and didnt seem to have a problem so is ok…wouldnt keep it on the bike all the time but for these one off things/when u going into really unknown territory best to be prepared

I wouldn’t go anywhere without GPS abroad…i think it must take the stress out of directions, but then perhaps thats the fun, getting lost, and then using maps to get back on track?

I did want to tour France and Spain this year but lack of funds. Had the route, milage, costings everything. Just not the readies!! Have a great time and look after yourself and bike.

To be honest this is purely for back up purposes as i believe Barro has planned some awesome routes but if i do get lost from the pack i dont want to be stranded!!!


as much as Id love to take the credit for awesome routes…

Charlie done such a blinding job the last time out I have left all that to him again and Im sure he wont dissapoint…

it looks very smart i think some gippo has nicked my mounting unit for my garmin!

Ok fair play thanks charly!

I use my garmin i3 on my bike. stick it in a clear sandwich/freezer bag if it looks like rain

Yeah Similar 2 what i made lol!