Bike investment


I’ve been asked by a reporter what bikes have been a good investment to make money from and which bikes would you buy today to make a profit on?

Any comments gratefully appreciated


Investors can fuck off. And you can quote me on that.

The cunts have destroyed the classic car market.


As above. They have no interest in the vehicles and distort the market.

That said my colleague and his wife both had Harley Davidson’s that appreciated in value. That was due to the skyrocketing price of new bikes.


Tell him 2015 plate Kawasaki Z1000SX are a sure thing :slight_smile:


I think that the only positive long-term investment is in freehold property. So buying a motorcycle that is attached to a property would be a worth while investment. I’d be surprised if the bike is still roadworthy in 15+ years, but the house is probably worth double.

Helpful eh :slight_smile:


Nah, 2011 worth more!


Who buys a bike to make profit on…

I buy them to ride them and live my life the way I want.



If I can still sell it at the end of my ownership, it was a good investment…


I paid £1K for my CB500 and sold it for £1K two years later so that’s zero depreciation. Sunk at least 2K (More like £3K if I’m being honest) into replacing almost every part including the engine so not sure it was a great investment overall. I had fun though.


Only bikes to appreciate in value are rare ones or future classics, same goes for cars really. Bikes to buy on the cheap now are the ones that in years to come will be sought after by the generation that has money. Things like early generation R1’s and Fireblade’s. Those that haven’t been crashed by now and survive another 10 years in pristine condition will be very much in demand by riders who were 20-ish in the 1990’s, couldn’t afford them at the time but will be hitting mid-life crisis and wanting to re-live their youth.

Guy at my work currently has a 1929 Ariel Model A, BSA M20 & Norton Big4 with sidecar. He bought them in the 1970’s for a few quid. Important to note the the value is hugely improved if they’re in full working order.

Alternatively just buy something really old, anything pre-1945 jumps hugely in price currently. Car and classic have a few bikes listed from the 1950’s that can only go up in value.


Yamaha have stopped producing the XJ6 now, tell him he can buy mine as an investment. Comes with authentic rusty bits and stone chips.

For the right price, I’ll throw in a free cover to ensure it remains in this pristine condition.


Can someone explain what this selling bikes thing is? :grin:


Something like this as an example. Stick it in a controlled environment and hold onto it for 40 years and it’ll a collectors item

@monkimark, what year is it? His BSA M20 was an equivalent to your XJ6 after the war. Keep hold of yours for about 70 years and it’ll be worth something!


I’m unlikely to have much use for the money in 70 years.