Bike Inspection at the DVLA

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I have an appiontment at the DVLA to inspect my bike for the UK registration. Does anyone have experience with that?

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Yeah I once had to put a foreign bike through an MSVA. What would you like to know?

yes recently put a couple through, what have you got?

Actually I blogged about the MSVA here:

I passed the MOT without changing the speedometer and lamps, the bike is over ten years old, but I didn’t put stickers on it. Do I need to do this? The other thing is it has aftermarket carbon fairings and seating, the cans are open and very noisy, will this be a problem?

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the MOT and SVA are two different tests i’m afraid ,what will pass in an MOT will not necessarily pass an SVA, i would make sure your speedo is in MPH !!they will also check the headlight beam. If the cans have no E mark , are marked ‘not for road use’ or are excessivly noisy they may fail it, when i did mine i went with the view they were going to fail it but at least then i knew exactly what to change on it ! The scooter we did passed the MOT with its standard indicators but for the SVA they were too close together and failed !

Hi all,

I passed the test without any problems.
A big Thank You to the nice guy at the DVLA in Wimbledon.
Now I have to wait a few days for my reg.number, and then I will be a “real” Londonbiker;)
See you

PS where can I buy a smaller plate?


I’ve just bought an imported 30 year old Suzuki X7 from a guy in the Midlands, I have an new UK MOT and the previous German owners paperwork, the speedo is in KM, the headlamp is probably German spec and the bike is not yet registered in the uk.

Question ?

Am I right in completing a V55/5 form from the DVLA, What happens next? What s the cost? the guy told me its £55.

Any advice would help.


Hi Bryan,

you have to send the V55/4, a cheque with 55 £ reg. fee plus Tax (you have to call how much, depends on the engine size),

Further the original MOT certificate, a current insurance certificate, the original german documents, an address confirmation and an ID in original.

If they want you to bring the bike to the DVLA, better put some mp/h stickers on the speedo.

If you have more qustions, feel free to ask.

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I finally received the documents and my tax disc on friday.

Can I choice on which side I put the tax disc holder or does it have to be on the left side?

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C.J. It should be in a “metal and weatherproof holder” facing forward on the front L.H. side of the bike/car. That’s what the law says.

Mines in my pocket to stop it getting stolen. In the metal and weatherproof holder on the front of the bike, facing the curb, is a colour photo copy written over to say “Photocopy. Original with owner”.

Had the copy stolen once but not fallen foul of the law so far.

Definitely left hand side and anti theft holder advised.