Bike ID Help from this morning

Heard (and saw a little bit) of an amazing bike on the roads this morning. So annoyed I couldnt see what it was because I was always behind it. Here is my best description:

Sounded like a dangerous jet engine.
Square red light under sear
Exhaust down low (but couldn’t see it, just noticed its absence under the seat)
AMG stricker on the rear
Had a black slit in the front fairing.
Fastest upward shifts I’ve ever heard.
This might be a red herring, but it sort of looked a little bit like it was only hair faired.

The AMG bit makes we wonder whether it is a MV?

Sports bike?

AMG had a tie in with Ducati, so could be them, or just a sticker the rider had


But no square rear light.

MV Agusta F3?

I think it might have been this. Looks a bit like I said, half faired, but importantly when I tried to spot the exhaust, you can see how camoflaged it is here. But I am still blown away a 675 can make as much noise as it did. Literally sounded like a GP bike.