Think this was up a while ago, but anyone seen these? used them?

I think these would be too distracting personally. In short I can get one at 40% off but even with that we’re talking £350…

That’s a really confusing video, and the website doesn’t show the ‘device’ at all.

A’m oot!

Oh, my mistake, 1 photo of the device on the second ‘Home’ page (wtf?), nah, sorry, why aren’t they on kickstarter?

they are on indiegogo I believe. My point being more around the actual use, I do think it is pretty expensive, but primarily will be far to distracting.

I’m not sure I’d want the rear view video stream but I’ve had HUD on a previous car and it was amazing.

Going back to having to glance down again on my current car, or motorbike, felt like such a step backwards and so distracting after the ease of always having the speedo readout ‘just there’.

Ok so checked the email, goes up on indiegogo tomorrow. usual price is £623 I can get it for £359 not sure what it will go up on the crowd funding site but hey-ho!

I don’t think it is for me, but I’m sure it will be tech that can only get better. I think would make more sense to build straight into a lid rather than have another attachment on it.

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had a look, see, something like this I’d be interested in.

and it is only marginally more expensive int he grand scheme of things.

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I don’t understand how the crowd funding thing works. You still get the equipment right?

Crowd funding is just a way of finding as many customers as needed to cover the costs of making something.

You commit to buying whatever it is so long as there are enough others backers to make it viable. The seller immediately takes the money and gets on with it. But if there is not enough interest then no one pays and nothing happens.

But that video made their H.U.D. look very distracting, with also having to look at a rear view to see any of the displayed data. What is the point of it anyway? It looks like the camera has much bigger blind spots than normal mirrors that you are still going to need to keep turning your head.

I like the general idea, It seems to me that such things should be less distracting than constantly looking down and away from the road, as Michael748 says it is. But whilst that one may be a good device, they definitely need much better software.

And I do not like the idea of them being built in, as then when you replace a helmet you also have to replace the technology. Which is expensive and wasteful.

Cheers Michael very helpful mate

i prefere to concentrat on whats in front of me