Bike hoist / lift plans

Hi, am looking to build a bike table lift, anyone got any plans??? :slight_smile:

I know your planning on building your own lift and that’s great :slight_smile: - but have you seen this:

Anyone??? :crying:

No plans, but saw a great one in Yugoslavia (where ever that may be now) some years ago.

Two scaffold boards, four bits of 4X2 coach bolted to the board sides to form a pivoting parrallelogram arrangement each side and a bl**dy great scaffold pole as the leverage. And the essential bit of rope to tie things off to a rafter once the bike was lifted. It worked.

I’d go for thicker boards and through bolting

Sid Throttle (14/10/2008)

I know your planning on building your own lift and that’s great :slight_smile: - but have you seen this:[/quote]Did you buy one in the end Sid?

Get a hospital bed, its all there, hydraulic lift flat bed for bike to go on etc, just have to build some kind of ramp to get bike up, thetgo quite low anyway just not to ground.

Now you say “where do i get a hospital bed from?”
answer, obviouslt a hospital, go round back of any hospital or where they chuck the rubbish etc and i bet you find 1, find the bloke on the gate and chuck hima tenner, normally a scrappy comes round and takes it away for em for nowt.:smiley:

Hi Chunks - hopefully i’ll order it soon - it’s kinda expensive and I’ll have to make some cuts in my entertainment budget to afford it - but it looks like a groovy bit of kit don’t it?

It should allow me to extract the forks and swingarms of my bikes in the future to service suspension, bearings etc. I’ll keep you posted! :slight_smile:

Is this what you are looking for?


cool lift:) if i had the room i’d be tempted to make onemight buy the plans just incase i get some spare room for one

Ta muchly!