Bike Hit While Parked

What’s the deal if someone hits your bike while it’s parked? Do you end up with a non-fault accident affecting future premiums? Is it worth trying to resolve without involving insurance companies?

It happened to me a few years ago when a van managed to knock over a full bay of bikes including my scooter) and it all went through the drivers insurance but I can’t really remember the details.


Tbh if you can all be men about it and they pay out, everyone is a winner.

If he/she wants to be a dick you’ll end up through insurance and then no voice but to declare it and you’ll pay for that even though you were not on the bike…

If it was me.

If it was only cosmetic i.e fairings etc and they offered to pay cash in hand i’d take it.

If they were being [email protected] but the cost was under £500 i’d probably just suck it up (with plenty of swearing) and repair it without going thru insurance. the extra insurance premium  over the years would work out more £££

Insurance premium last year was only about £100 so I doubt it would add up to that much.
In fairness, the driver left details etc tucked under the fairing so he’s doing pretty well on the not being a [email protected] front.

That’s good news then :grinning:

Let’s hope they don’t freak out when they find out how much a bit of bike plastic can be :pray:

I offered a price, it was too much, we went through insurance. Can’t say it messed it up too much, but then I already had another 4 non faults so difficult to say

Spoke to the guy and it’s a company van so looks like it’s going to have to go through insurance anyway.

Damage looks to be side stand, mirror, clutch lever, left peg and a fairing panel plus it’ll need the once over on forks, brakes etc (disc lock was on and was jammed up against the caliper when I got to the bike last night).

Guess i’ll take a trip to Metropolis this afternoon and see what kind of astronomical quote they give to repair.

It will remain on your ‘insurance record’ for 5 years, ins companies get arsey if you don’t advise them of any previous claims, although they already have access to a database.

Done deal now, Insurance company have taken the bike off to be repaired and left me with an NC750X to commute on. Not the most exciting bike in the world but the storage is ideal for my commute and my 4 year old loves it because it is red.