Bike history

Passed my test in 1999 and so far have owned:

1990 Kawasaki ZXR400H

1995 Honda CBR600F

2003 Honda CBR600RR

2000 Honda FireBlade

Anyone else care to share their illustrated bike history? :slight_smile:

Nice exhausts on that 600RR mate, are the two pictures a before and after or two seperate versions of bikes you owned?

Before and afters where appropriate mate (ZXR and 6RR). The word to append “before” and “after” in both cases is “crash”. :frowning:

I actually preferred the 6RR in the black mode before I "MotoGP"d it.

a nice collection of bikes :smiley:

An Ex had a 2000 blade like that, hope it wasnt his that you brought seeing as i know how many times he dropped it :frowning: Lovely looking bike though

Actually with you on that one, although both ‘afters’ look like very classy jobs to me…