Bike hire near London?

Hi all

Does anybody have any experience of hiring a bike in the London area. The reason for me asking is that a friend of mine wants to fly over, hire a bike and join us on a Euro tour this summer. I know he will after something high spec… :wink:


Expensive for decent bike

See here

Try, plus will get more info from other replies on here.

have used the following twice and they have a good reputation from what i have heard…

near Surrey Quays shopping center in Rotherhithe (SE London), easy to get to as Canada Water tube station (Jubilee Line) is a few mins walk away

i used racewayrentals once, they are fine.

Dobles in Croydon hire out Honda’s.

Might want to check the T&C’s when hiring. A lot of companies will not let you leave the UK with the bike.

interesting links people!

im tempted to hire one for a day to take the misses out for a ride :wink: