Bike Hire London - Recommendations

As per my other thread ( my bike is playing up and my weekend trip is in jeopardy. Therefore, I need to consider my options.

On of these is to hire a bike for a few days. Can anyone recommend somewhere in London that does decent bikes at a reasonable price and allows overseas travel on them?


Raceway Rentals in shepards bush.

17 The Vale, London W3 7SH Tel: 020 8749 8181

Hi matey - give About Town Bike Hire a call

i had to hire bikes from them for 3 weeks whilst mine was being sorted in the garage - they where great couldn’t do enough for me.


Thanks for the replies.

Raceway rentals, which is awfully convenient for me due to working in White City, only allow shaft drive bikes to be ridden on the continent. Bring on the Honda Deauville I say! It’s an option.

About Town are going to call me back shortly, but they might have a VFR800 available, which could be fun. I used to have a 1991 VFR750, so it’ll be like back to the future…

Raceways are good personal friend of mine works there.

Check out Riverbank M/C’s, in East London, Old Ford exit on the A12. They have R6’s and Blackbirds and allow overseas travel.

You’ll probably have the same VFR I did - very cool bike but I was glad to go back to my upright!

They also have some R1s etc if you’re that way inclined and are more than happy to let you take the bikes overseas.


About Town could do me a BMW R1150 RT for £390 for the weekend - including European insurance and breakdown etc. The VFR800 was £20 more expensive.

Raceways offered me an FJR1300 for £355 with all the insurance etc.

As Raceways is within walking distance of my workplace, and quite a bit cheaper, I decided to go with them.

Thanks again for the input and ideas everyone.

my whole bike was cheaper than that. :confused:

I have to express severe reservations about About Town. I have done so before and I’m sorry to contradict you Matt but my experience of them and their service was very bad boreding on criminal.

I know this is a personal view and fully acknowledge that this is my oopinion and my opinion only, but do NOT work with About Town.

Sorry, that’s just how I see it.

If you want to know specifics, PM me, the public forum isn’t the place for the information I have as it would definitely result in problems.

Without talking about specifics though… your experience was buying a bike from them rather than hiring :slight_smile:

Not that there’s a lot of difference


Raceways wont let ya down mate

Oh my God. It’s like riding a barge and I am the Captain. Toot! Toot!