Bike hire for Europe Run

Hi guys - a friend of mine wants to hire a couple of bikes to head over to Europe for a short break - anyone got any suggestions?


I’ve used these guys before, but just for London. Good selection of bikes, and all are new & well looked after. They’re in Wandsworth. Talk to Michael and tell him I sent you…

Try this company Matt

He he - great - thanks guys :slight_smile:

I rented from these guy’s for the NEC bike show, £150 from friday - monday, and they kept my bike (125) in their lock up for the weekend aswell! I borrowed an 05 CB600F nice for distance traveling.

H G B Motorcycles
69-71 Park Way
Tel: 01895676451

Great - thanks mate.

That’s funny??? When I first replyed here there wasnt any replay from Paivi??? never mind it’s the same shop, I have used before and I think it was you paivi who had indicated it to me. My friend came from brazil and rented two bikes with them, he was pleased.

You’ve got to move fast in this business Cezar, one slip of the keyboard and you’re dust under my feet.

Yes, I think I took too long looking for the link! You are fast girl!

Next time! Next time! lol

That firm have stitched me in the past and they were bad mouthed in MCN last year re a guys bike that was nicked whilst it was in for a service.

Used HGB back in '98 for a two week rental of a firestorm to the Nurburbring. no problems at all with the european cover and was also one of the best bike holidays ever.

Oh, the reason I had to hire a bike was coz some twoccer lifted my gixxer.