Bike / Helmet Cams?

Afternoon all … planning for the Euro trip again next year … and wanting some good bike / helmet cams to record all the footage etc.

Now, I’ve come across this kit : it’s nice in theory but realisticly a little pricy ?

What have you guys / girls got … or what would you recommend ?

The cameras on the link above only do 25fps which is a bit crap ?

Advise welcomed, cheers.


It’s a nice piece of kit, worth the money IMHO.

I use a 480 line camera connected to a HDD recorder, which I am going to change for something like the DV500, which is solid state and so does not suffer from vibration.

As far as I know, 25fps is standard, it is the PAL recording rate. The bit rate would be more important and the DV500 does 2000Kbps +, which is better than VHS quality.

Some clips I have taken on Google…compressed by google, so quality not as good, can send you some raw footage if you like:

Video Clips


Have a look here

not as good… but much cheaper