Bike has died on me.

In two years my bike has had its first hic up, just got 3 miles away from home and bike died, no electrics, stripped down found fuse blown on main power feed to starter, blown fuse caused by faulty rectifier so back it goes tomorrow just under its warranty.

ps had to push bike home, shattered.


Lets hope it gets sorted without any problems

good job its still under warrenty :slight_smile:

Yep least its still under waranty. LOL know what you mean about being shattered. I ran out of petrol on the way to work one morning :blush: and had to push the bike to a petrol station I thought was just a couple of blocks back. Amazing how far a couple of blocks is when youre pushing a beast up a gentle incline and the pegs keep on biting at your ankles.

Ive never run out of petrol again :w00t:

I had the same thing happened to me on the way home from Brands some time ago. The electrics just died, I looked down and there was no speedo, no nothing… I pulled over and the engine died too… After calling everyone possible (including Triumph dealers), who said it could be anythng from the rectifier to the battery and had my purse throbbing in anticipation, it turned out to be a fuse. After changing the fuse, there havent been any problems, so although there is possibly something not right somewhere to have caused the fuse to blow in the first place… the old girl has been battling on ever since without a glitch… I think she probably just had wind… :wink:

Oh … and friends with vans who live nearby are a Godsend… :slight_smile:

just waiting for johns of romford to come pick up my bike. they can have it until its fixed. and while its down there might as well get serviced to.


If the bike has a belt driven alternator, a slipping belt can cause the fuses to blow. Might be worth checking.

Once I had a very young CBR600F-X that I bought from new and suddently started blowing a fuse for no reason, had to take it back to Dobles only for them to eventually show me this little stone that got in the engine fan and stuck the blades so they were not moving.It was building up resistance since the fan could not spin and blow the fuse making my bike overheat, stop and die altogether lol.

All that Honda technology and engineering that could be brought to a standstill by a little kicked up stone in the right place.

So now whenever I have a fuse go the first thing I check is the engine fans to make sure they are spinning freely, even with the engine switched off just try and spin the blade with your finger.