Bike Gear

Hi Guys,

This summer is killing me, I may have secured a new contract so will be on the bike everyday so I think i need to get some textiles as my leathers with a waterproof overall on top is a ball ache.

Any recommendations?
Priority list

  1. safety
  2. keep me dry
  3. cool when the sun shows it face,
  4. warm in the morning 6am commute.

thanks in advance

are you after a jacket or trouser in textile?

budget? see here: I recommend Dianese kit a lot, apart from their helmets

I think it’s pretty difficult to get something to work for all those criteria…

HG used to do a range of CoolBlack (or sth like that) textiles that were waterproof and were supposedly cool in the summer however I have no idea how they would feel…

Personally I would go with armored jeans and carry with you a cheap pair of overtrousers… Those cheap ones work to keep the rain off quite well but can also work as wind buffeters and keep you a bit warmer. Though in the heat, you’d need to take them off…

My Spidi gear ticks most of those boxes and if you check out west london yamaha, or west london superbikes they were flogging all of their spidi kit at 50% as they weren’t getting along administratively, so to speak.

whats your budget fella?

before you look at anything, if your commuting everyday, summer and winter? looks into how gore tex works, expensive but lasts and does what is supposed too.

unless your a cock that cant look after things:hehe:

Ratty, i need a full set of gear. All year riding so need removable inners.

Was thinking budget £200-300 but could go more if i find the right one. Ideally want black/plain colours with some reflectives on as I ride in dark alot all year

what jacket and trousers? or boots gloves etc n all?

come see me dude, or go see my mates in welling, welling is closer but i aint much firther up the A12;)

just jacket and troussers

ok, when can you get up to the shop??

there’s a few i can think of, most of our gear is black or darker colors all has reflective piping/strips, plus there’s choice of sheltex or gore tex.

you mix and match all our gear and it all zips together with a 360 zip, leather or textile.

with this terrible weather, i got sick of “cheap” leaking or too warm textiles so i splashed out on some hg goretex trousers (sorry, ratty, went to the welling store) a couple of months ago. i wish i did it a few years ago. they weren’t cheap, but got £60 off in one of their voucher deals. they’re really comfy and so far dry. i can’t remember why i went for the goretex over the cheaper shelltex, but i think you get a longer waterproof warranty, is that right, ratty?

lol no worries dude its all good :slight_smile:

no they aren’t cheap, but if you look after them they can last easily 6-7 yeas or more, Gore Tex is a membrane, has pores like our skin so needs treating from time to time, Nikwax;)

tech wash-wash’s and cleans and the other tx direct wash in, reproofs and re- activates the membrane, DO NOT USE WASHING POWDER it blocks the membrane up and renders it useless!

Sheltex is ok i wear it, but wont hold out as well in really bad weather and doesn’t bead off as well and is not as breathable as Gore Tex plus it wont last as long.

Sheltex has a 2 year waterproofing warranty and Gore Tex has 5 years, 2 years with HG and 3 with Gore Tex them selves.

At the moment spend over £300 you get £100 off so you could buy twice…you get me? :smiley:

over £160 its £40 off.

only on HG gear tho, i know i am biased a bit but seriously HG textiles are fucking spot on, when you look at rukka…it aint that expensive…

Thanks for pointing out the HG deal Ratty :slight_smile:

sorry guys not been on line all weekend (2 weddings) . If i get the job i wont mind spending 300ish pounds.
Ratty which HG store do you work at? as I’d like to pop in and see the gear.
Also why is Rukka gear so expensive and is it worth that much more compared to HG for example?

Armoured Jeans I’m not comfortable wearing them would like a little padding if I come off.

i work in Gants Hill HG.

to be totally honest i have no idea why it is more, ALOT of prices have gone up tho, helmets prices have gone up aswell.

Rukka gear is very good gear, but its £’s and what with things how they are these days for many money is tight and spending 1k on a jacket is a no no.

HG textiles are some of the best i know, the other good quality was Bikers** but they arent around any more, but you might be able to find some online as others company’s bought there stock;)

I bought a two piece with inners and boots from that HG some14 years ago. I don’t know why some slag the shop, I spent a hour talking with one of the staff when I bought it and he walked me through which gear would suit me best and why. You may have known him, he said he owned and raced the Yam RD that was in the shop window? Won’t forget his comment on 1 piece leathers… “middle age men wearing those look like ninja turtles because of middle age spread form a mound, so don’t buy one of them.”

I worked shifts, morning afternoon and nights all the year round, travelling in all weathers. I can only say it kept me dry, it kept me warm, it kept me cool too sort of when the inners were removed, and I still use it even though it’s getting tatty with falling apart pocket linings.

Thanks a mill guys, I’ll pop into Gants hill, either Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

I guess it all depends on how easily you get warm/ cold etc…

For example I cannot wear my HG GTX jacket in this weather… it’s mesh every day as, even though it’s GTX and breathable, it’s still is very thick and bulky so I just don’t feel comfortable in it, especially driving through the centre of London…

I get overheated and sweaty in any waterproof gear at this time of year. I’ve also got a set of HG GTX gear but, as Serrisan said, even if its GTX it won’t breath enough in this weather we’re (finally!) having or anything above about 18 degrees tbh. Even my mesh jacket was too much sat at the traffic lights at 1.30pm today! I’d get a mesh jacket, some kevlar jeans and some lightweight packable waterproofs if I were you.

waterproofs in summer!? pansy’s, i used to love it when it was baking all day while out on the bike working, then about 5pm ish you get a nice storm roll in, i would write happily ride in it in air jacket and kevlar combats, soaking wet but feeling sooooooooo refreshed! :smiley: