Bike gear / clothing for the 'larger' gentleman

So here’s the thing… (new to the site btw so be nice)…

I’m what High and Mighty like to call a ‘larger gentleman’ - I have a large chest and a (slightly) larger tummy - I have short legs and short arms!

That means for me 99.9% of bike gear simply isn’t big enough. I’ve bought some Richa Monsoon stuff that fits well (a little tight around the tummy but the next size up have legs that drown me) the jacket however is perfect and works well

Trousers -
Jacket -

However what I want to know is if there’s a shop in London that looks after bikers with larger dimensions.

Any ideas please let me know!



Err no sorry mate, I don’t know if there is a specific bike gear shop. I guess most would point you in the direction of made-to-measure or having kit altered to suit(TA-DAA).

We had some threads about clothing-alteration businesses if you have a dig through this section and the ‘Name and Shame’ one.

Good luck!

Great - cheers for that :slight_smile:

I’d actually be happy to have some gear made for me - but I don’t know who to approch… any ideas?

Hmm most seem to do leather kit only, as I guess it comes on a roll!

Top end - BKS, Crowtree

Mid range - MJK, Scott Leathers (whom I know do a range of textile kit too)

Again, some months ago we had a thread about made to measure leathers. Get a-diggin’!

But I reckon if you check out some pukka clothes alteration businesses, you should be able to get textiles altered.

Actually I’d quite like some leathers! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help - I’m gonna get a’diggin.


Pity you just missed Ally Pally as all the aforementioned were there doing measurements and quotes.

I was at Ally Pally - actually saw the stand - but they looked to specialise in racing leathers - which is definately NOT what I want!

I’m sure on Saturday afternoon trip over to see them wont hurt me too much!


I too am of the “larger” size and went to Hideout for a set of tailored leathers. Excellent they are too.

Hideout are quite good indeed! Got a mate that is short and …er… large! he had his made up there and it’s perfect!

Being tall and somewhat “big boned” I find that the Richa make seem to be able to sort my requirements out.

yeah Richa are very good - I have their textile stuff now - but there’s not a huge choice and it’s not leather :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice guys - I’m going to make some calls and have a ride out to a few and see how much it’s going to cost me!