Bike friendly tent?

Hi All…

Anyone recommend and good quality, light easy pitch tent for summer use?

Need it to pack down quite small as I will be strapping it to a fender on my CCM…front or back, not sure yet…:w00t:

But would also like one of those ones that you can setup in less than a minute…:smiley:


This is the one I’ve got… It’s a 4 man (very small men BTW…) which has plenty of room for two to sleep and all the kit such as leathers, panniers and bags etc etc… The packed size is good too and I lay it across the back seat on top of my stove with a cargo net over it.I’ve used this tent in very wet weather… a whole three days of solid heavy rain on the Isle of Wight

or this…



Did think that…it has been a good few years since I was camping…like my luxuries now…but I can’t carry it all. :wink:

if its jus you in the tent then this ones quite good

Give Les a call at

Patrick and I have both bought very good quality tents, plus some other gear.

He knows his stuff.

I’ve both a 2 man geodesic and a tiny one man bivy. If I’m pitching just overnight, the bivy is fine for speedy set up and easy pack away. The two man is worth it for a few days. Note that the bivy requires a second waterproof bag unless you plan on sleeping in your bike gear.

Tell us what you plan on doing.

I have this. It’s alright, packs real small and very light. There’s enough room to push your kit/clothes to the bottom of the tent, and your boots can go in the space between the fly net and the waterproof door. It takes more than a minute to set up…

However, I wished I’d bought a 2 man tent purely for the space. Watch out though, pop up tents tend to be circular - even on a moto guzzi cali (not mine!), they stick out.If you don’t want a bivvy bag, try these (military spec) 1 man quick pitch tents:

My mate has one of these quick pitch tents, great for putting up, just take out of bag and throw, a b1tch to put away though and not that great for the bike as when they are packed up they are a big disc which wouldn’t be too great for the back of the bike!!

I’ve got this one for when I go away on the bike, perfect for the back of the bike and plenty big enough fotr two people and some gear, has a little porch area too for boots and stuff and a bargain at £19.99 :slight_smile:>TENTS.htm

That looks like a bargain Tiggi, is yours a pink one hahaha

Hehe :hehe: - pink with a ‘porch’ area.

Storage for an ironing board and room to hang a window box or two? :stuck_out_tongue:

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