Bike for sale at grand less than book price

If you saw a low mileage used sportsbike on sale at a small dealer that looked fine (all standard apart from after market can) but was on sale for at least a grand less than book price says it should be - what would you think?

No service history mentioned but that is not a deal breaker.

Gut feeling says there must be something wrong with it e.g. some subtle mechanical issue arising from lack of maintenance and abuse that isn’t immediately apparent but will show up somewhere down the line.

Do you dudes have any opinions?

HPI check it.

If it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

Could just be it’s much tattier than the photo’s show?

There are 7 decent photos - and it looks in really good shape.

As you say - just seems to good be true.

He / She may have laid out cash on it and just wants to realise their money ? do they have a lot of stock ?

Yes 60+ assortment of bikes and a few scooters.

Thing is it’s a popular sportsbike - it should be easy to sell at book price as it’s not something odd/weird/unpopular which might be more difficult to shift.

I sit watching the car and Bike and industrial auctions and sales far to much and recently I have seen some bikes cars and equipment sell for stupid small money. I would say right now a grand below book is probably about right as nobody is buying like the normal spring rush. If I had bought a brand new anything in the last few months and needed to sell it ,I would be crying in a corner right now as the depreciation of new stuff is astounding.

Could be that he needs to get some cash in quick as he needs to move fast on another deal … a popular sportsbike should shift quicky so job done…???

Yeah - I’m sure your right - what with the economy being down the tubes an all - but all the other dealers on auto trader are selling k4s at proper book price whereas this is being sold for the same price as an equivalent k2 bike.

Could be - but if I was him I would be holding out - if the bike is the real deal he should make at least a grand more on it.


well I suppose the options are;

Stolen - HPI check itFinance outstanding - dittoUndeclared accident - not Catagorised - quick repair - Tricky one - say a bent frame, bad welds etc - only an full examination by a qualified engineer could sort that … okay if you buy under warranty?Mechanical default that’s hidden/ only apparent at high temp/ machine strain etc… The most difficult of all - might be okay if you had a warranty and had a full inspection done but would be pretty rare not to be obvious after a 10 mile run or so.Sawdust in gearbox - check for wood worm

Constant cash flow can trump profit margins .

Go have a look and a test ride, you might be lucky and grab a bargain.

yeah - all good calls

as you say - my gut tells me that it will test ride fine and I’ll buy it and find it’s burning loads of oil or something.

yes - that’s true - could be the case

yep - I’m really tempted.

i’ve got a bike on sale or return at a dealer, just under book, good nick, popular. it’s just sat there since november. the market is slow, maybe he needs to pay his mortgage.

Yeah - the market is horribly slow - there are very few sportsbikes in my price range available - the few bikes that are on the market seem to hang around for ages - which is a massive contrast to 6/7 years ago when you were spoilt for choice - people aren’t splashing out on new bikes like they did 5/6 years ago which has an obvious knock on effect on the used market.

HPI check, have a good look, road test it properly, take a mechanic if youre not sure . Might be a good buy :smiley:

I bought a cheap bike , seemed too cheap, 5 years later still going strong

Yeah - deffo the hpi check.

They have a y2k bike (earlier model, similar mileage) going for the same price as the k4 - still can’t work out how the k4 is so cheap unless there is something not right with it.

Where is the link or what dealer is it?