Bike Filtering game on iphone

anyone tried this game on iphone ipad etc?

its actually not too bad… you need to avoid cagers and filter (lane spiling in US)

you can also do wheelies between traffic by tapping the screen

Iv got this bad boy! whats you high score??? i cant beat 7349!


I don’t have an iphone so will get brother to download but he gets a rash anyone mentions any sort of cracked games/ tweaks on the iphone

great, another free game for me to get addicted to :smiley:

I got this yesterday, it’s very addictive!

My high score is 12633. If you haven’t got to 8000 yet you’re missing out, it slows down and you have to filter through heavy traffic with them changing lanes etc.

The only thing is that it’s not very realistic, all the cage drivers keep indicating before changing lanes! They don’t do that in real life!

Got 14959,

Good little game…