Bike Fashion Faux Pas

Camo’s are my faux pas…but to be honest I think I would look even more of an idiot in one piece leather suit with my bike!! not like I’ll be getting my knee down any time soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours and AndyCr15’s :stuck_out_tongue:

:laugh: Oh yeah!!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt riding around with Jaime is that you can get your knee down on any bike, even going in a straight line! :smiley:

I get a point for exhaust wrap . I like it cos covers the rust and blocks up the pinholes :wink:

We’re sometimes guilty on the same boots/jackets one, we try not to but sometimes economy rules :frowning:

Matching riders - wasn’t that one the worst of the bunch :wink:

Yellow goes with green. Have you never seen a sun flower?

Can’t ever be as bad as rim tape though:P

Yes but could also look snot…:laugh: :sick:

… prevents a draft from going up ya trouser legs! dont want to be riding along and instead of concentrating on the road you thinking how cold you are!

But jeans aren’t windproof so the amount of draft this stops will be minimal

I’ve been thinking about adding exhaust wrap for the same reasons :wink:

I haven’t done it yet…but, i think jeans into boots can be fine as long as it matches the style of bike i.e. retro or sixties… just not a modern race rep

Either that or someone vomit pea and leak soup out off a truck windows and you caught the full blast. :smiley:

This is why I didn’t get a coloured one-piece. The only other colour I liked was red but I would have looked like Jam and Custard :crazy:

So what you are saying you’d look even tastier to eat?

Jean under boots isn’t faux, a billion fun loving, hardriding, rock and rollers can’t be wrong. Tell you what is faux. Getting a multisplash coloured bike, the design one piece leathers, boots and lid to match, thenbuying a new bike which now clashes.

Stick on ears, or these hoodies with big ears on them seem to be alocal fashion where I live for teenage girls. I agree with my dog that stops whenout walking and says WTF!

The worst for naff is the Honda jacket over Suzuki jeans riding a Yamaha.

What has the world come to, seriously?

There was a time when riding a bike was about you being an individual, breaking away from the norm, chasing a bit of freedom from the hum drum world we live in.

And now there’s a list of what’s right and wrong, a list that says you either fit in or you don’t, madness!

Do you really believe that people pick something to wear or fit to their bike because they believe it looks rubbish??? They pick it, because in their OPINION it looks okay, or does a job. So if someone has ears on their lid (a pet hate of mine) then feel free to rip the pi$$ out of them to your hearts content, that’s your choice (opinion), but it’s their choice to do it and they are still one of us, regardless of how ridiculous they might look to the rest of us.

I have rim tape on my track bike, I wear a hoodie over my leathers and I have a blue visor on my lid, and I won’t justify any of those things to anyone, as I don’t need anyone’s approval to feel like my place in life is justified, or that I fit in with what is considered to be conventional.

If we dress like everyone else to fit with social conditioning, does that make us cool, or make us sheep?

You’d be surprised how much wind it cuts out. If the temp drops I’ll tuck my jeans into my boots and and it really helps you to feel a fair bit warmer.