Bike Fairing Repair.....

Anyone know someone on here that does this ?

I’ve got my bike back from the insurance company as after 6 months they still cant prove the idiot that run me over is liable … So the bike is back and apart from the clutch leavers the damage is just scratches on the fairing and there is no point in buying lots of new fairing if it can be reapaired.

it’s a few bits like in the picture … Anyone got any idea’s ?



Scratches a painter can do, cracks, if you have any, need plastic welding

matching paint colours can be a right b1tch, so it might be easier to redo the whole bike a new colour, it will look nice and be less attractive to tea leaves

never trust an insurance company to sue another insurance company get independant legal advisors to sue the git

M9Performance does nice work send him a PM just don’t waste the guys time, as for the yellow paint its a Suzuki the yellow will match one of the yellow’s they use on their cars just have a different paint code a company called Capital Colours in NW10 will match it for you if you bring them your seat cowl etc.

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