Bike electrics repair, London

Honda Pan European, Honda heated grips. They ain’t working.

To power the heated grips, there is a plug in junction with one side going to bike power & grips controller and the other side going to the heated grips. I’ve put a multi-meter on it and there is power. Also the grips work sometimes. So maybe it is a loose connection on one of the wires somewhere. Just spent an hour messing with it in the drizzle thought I had it working again, taped it all back together and they didn’t work again. I’ve had enough, so am looking for a bike electrician to fix it for me. Any ideas?

I live in West London and work in St Pauls.

Or I guess I could take it to a regular bike garage, just seems a bit odd to ask them to do electrical work?

Scorch is your man:

A whizz with electrics and you can rest assured you will not be paying over the odds!!

steve in east croydon, loads have used him on here, i will let no 1 else touch my electrics on my bike.
pm me if you want his number, search steve hallam on here and you will see.

+1 for scorch is awesome with electrics