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And before any of you start, not one of those!!!:wink:

1000K6 - need to turn it around (180 degrees) in a tight space. A mate said I need one of these. Any thoughts, ideas?

if it’s parked on a level surface…park the rear tyre on a old baking tray and slide it round on that using side stand for support,something like that but havent done it in a long time.

edit…side stand on the baking tray lift the rear slightly and pivot on the can then ‘carefully’ slide the stand on the tray.just need to be confident in supporting the bike using bars and pillion pegs/grab rail

How tights the space??

Stand on the left side of the bike withe bike on it’s side stand,

Put your left foot real close to the stand to stop it slipping, with your left hand grab the far grip and put the steering to full right lock,

With your right hand grab the back end of the bike, use the pillion seat strap or just grab a hanful of tail unit,

Pull the bike towards you and onto the side stand, with both wheels off the floor, keep the back end lower than the front end to avoid the side stand folding up,

Practice this a few times.

When confident, pivot the bike on the side stand, pulling the back end of the bike is the easiest way and has less chance of the side stand folding under,

All it takes is confidence. :slight_smile:

I fitted a turntable in my garage…Its a massive one…works well man…works well…

Even plays records don’t you know

Apparently this is a bad idea if you have a Ducati, something to do with the sidestand bolting directly onto the crankcase I think.

seems like a bargain at £90.00 …

Motrax Motorcycle Dolly

ouch! that could be bad! dont do it unless your stand is bolted to the frame! :slight_smile:

sidestand all the way. (unless its a ducati as stated) once you have the technique sorted its a piece of cake :wink:

Cheers guys.