Bike died

Well i headed out on sunday morning for a supermoto rideout and managed to make it to piccadilly. Bike stalled as i went to pull away from the lights and wouldnt restart with what felt like a flat battery. Then i discovered the kickstart wouldnt move down at all… RAC confirm full charge in the battery and power to the starter so its almost certainly the main bearing that has gone and siezed. There was some hint of this happening when the waterpump seal went twice suggesting some kind of problem or vibration but we chanced it. The bike has done 47.5hrs running and was due a rebuild anyway at about 50hrs so its not so bad. Engine will go up to Dave Clarke Racing and will have the known main bearing mod done (should stop this happening again, all race bikes have it done), a bit of headwork and a full refresh and rebuild. 65bhp here we come… At least its cold and rank outside and it didnt happen on the first day of summer!

Bummer. Still at least you half expected it mate ad it wasn’t a complete shock.

Ooops… bad luck mate! Must be hard owning a bike that has to be rebuilt in a matter of hours, I couldn’t do it! Such a nice bike though!

Gonna change the message sig now tho… don’t sound too clever to me LOL

But then again, I’m a soft-ass 4cyl’er.

Big singles tend to do this every now and again and due to the low revs the damage should be fairly minimal. A rebuild every 50hrs isnt too bad for essentially a race bike and i think i’ll be buying something else to keep her company in the spring… That Husaberg is however sooo much fun to ride and is going no where! I’ll give you the progress report when it gets stripped down and checked over. You have to be pragmatic about these things.

Good on ya.

I’ll have to have a gawp next time.

Bad luck mate. At least you’re aware of the pit-falls of big singles.

I’ll be replacing the inlet valves and piston in my race motard mid-way through the season!

Shame you missed the ride-out, despite the fact it was like riding on glass it was a really amusing day!

Look forward to seeing you out on it soon - awesome bike!

Sorry to hear that mate! Get back to road soon