Bike Crash in Sweden on display

I thought that had been exposed as a staged stunt, not the result of a genuine accident ?

Seen this before…must have hosed it out before putting it on display and that bike couldnt have hit the car at that speed…Nasty though

Its a staged scene that was done for an awareness campaign…but very effective.

Bl00dy hell…

It was Steve… Loaddaborrock:cool:

Well… if you go to youtube and look at some of the kinetic energy involved in 60 mph crashes, it does boggle the mind what would happen if you hit something at 150 or 170 mph… :w00t:

I routinely ride at ~150mph on German autobahns and I have no illusion about that if I hit anything at that speed I’ll pretty much be dead instantly. But then, it’s a controlled access road so the only thing you could probably hit was the end of a traffic jam.

You can philosophize about this all day long. For me, I don’t feel more alive doing anything else than when I am on my motorcycle, hunkered down, paying full attention, blasting past lorries while going three times their speed. Life doesn’t get any better than that, and I have tried sex, drugs, skydiving, and a whole bunch of other pursuits. Yes, it is risky, but even worse is to be afraid to live for fear of death.

Since I am not a parent, and nobody else is relying on me for their subsistence, I think it’s fair enough for me to take my life into my own hands if I so desire. That’s true freedom. If I do blow a back tire at 171 and get chopped in three pieces by a guardrail, my friends and family would understand. “He was a nutter, but he died doing something he loved.”

Have a fun and safe weekend all.