Bike covers


I am new to this site and have a question for you. What sort of bike covers do you use for your bikes? I bought one in January when I bought my much loved R6 but over the past two months it has split and cracked in most places (it is truly holy now) and I’ll need to buy another one shortly but don’t want to spend any more money on something that will have to be replaced again.

Thank you and hope to meet you all


Hi Andrea, welcome to the site (remember to post some pics of yer bike up in the pics gallery).

The best cover for your bike is without doubt a garage

Seriously, I used an Oxford Stormtex for a couple of years and cannot fault it at all. It is now £30 cheaper than it used to be, at least here :

Good and thick, totally waterproof yet breathable so it can be slung on a hot wet bike. It even has holes to feed a chain through (assuming you’re putting a chain through the wheels). It also has a belly strap and heavily elasticated edges so it won’t blow about never mind disappear up the road.

I presume you keep your bike outdoors? In which case buying cheaper stuff is pointless IMHO.

You could have mine but I still cover the bike even though it’s indoors now.

Yep, I have the same cover as Andrew mentions. Its been outside for over 3 years and it is still in near perfect condition. Highly recommend that one.

Thanks, I’ll try that one and don’t laugh I had already considered buying one of those built yourself (and leave in the street) garage/container/shed like things but didn’t think that would go down well with the neighbours.


Make sure that you lock the cover to the bike if its in public view, don’t want no thieving scum walking away with your cover now do you.

DB covers I use them for ages never had a prob web site address good blokes know what they are talkin about

Hi there - welcome :slight_smile:

I used the Oxford Stormex to - and I really can’t fault it at all - had to keep my bike outside for most of this winter and it’s never failed me - it’s big and warm - almost like putting a duvet cover over your ride! But it also lets the moisture out - so even when I put the bike away wet to the bone - it was dry by the morning.

It’s also very good at not letting the bike get too cold - even when we had those really heavy frosts (see pic) my bike was safe and warm underneath.

Hiya, yes, go for the Oxford one. I got mine from M&P website for approx £30 and that was 18 months ago and it’s still looks virtually brand new. Justine

I have had two Oxford Stormexes (!) and cannot say that I am that impressed, although I continue to use one

When there is a hard downpour the outer layer leaks soaking the soft lining which then holds the water for several days meaning very damp air aound the bottom parts of the bike. I very rarely, if at all take the bike out in the rain, yet the pinch bolts are furring up and the chain needs constant cleaing to remove the dreaded rust. I am suspicious that this is due to the covers water retention.

Muck and other crap gets stuck onto the lining which also means potential scratches if not handled carefully.

It may be something to do with a gixxer with crash bobbins, rearsets and other “sticky out” bits, but getting the thing on or off with its elasticated edges is an absolute pain.

Further there does not appear to be a right size for a K4 Thou. The medium covers about 50% of the bike whilst the large (which I now use) is too big and drapes on the ground (see note about water retention above)