bike cover

Hi guys,

Looking for a new bike cover and would like to ask if any of you guys know a very good one to use it outdoor.

So, it needs to be for heavy duty, outdoor, water, sun and snow of course when it is winter. Oxford Stormex any good?

Cheers guys

Stay away from the black Motrax with the yellow writing on it, it will scuff your tank. I used to use one before that also by Motrax…it’s grey with a felt lining inside and it did the job fine no leaks even in the worst weather.


I have an R&G Racing one, not the cheapest but it’s almost totally waterproof and has lots of holes with velcro flaps for chains and locks and a pad that goes over the screen and tank

I have an Oxford Stormex. It’s really good, heavy duty and the interior lining is nice. You can lock it at both ends with these special reinforced holes in the material. Make sure you do lock it at both ends, tramps like to steal these covers as they like the waterproff properties. Someone had a go at mine recently, it was damaged at the locking loop with some of the stiches ripped. No amount of wind could have done that much damage. It didn’t give in though so the clown stole my residents permit instead. That was the only think he could expose because it was locked down.

I like the R&G one so much, I’m buying another for my other bike (to replace the Oxford one I had before). :smiley:

+1 R&G. Ride Magazine product test recommended and mine’s done the job perfectly.

+1 for the r&g one, only prob i had with mine was that it faded, but wasnt bothered about that as it kept the bike as dry as a bone and lots of nifty little features for optimisers, mirrors not misting, chains

So, I guess I should get a Oxford Stormex or R&G then.

Thanks guys

After made up my mind it is gonna be the R&G or stormex, I have been looking online for the price and found that R&G about £40 and Stormex about £70 for my R1, so the question is if the R&G is every good as the stromex should I pay the extra? I really don’t mind the extra as long as it will keep my beloved bike dry for the worst possible weather coming in the winter.

Anyone tried both?

I can only speak for the R&G, but here is the Ride product test:

Came out top for waterproofing and heat resistance etc, and at a decent cost.

(don’t know if the link will work, might have to cut/paste it etc)

I was curious to know more about the Oxford Stormex, so Googled … and this thread came high up :slight_smile:

Seems like you’ve got to watch it (and other big covers?) from touching the ground and picking up water and crud.

I’ve been using Argos’ bike covers for the past few years - they seem cheap and cheerful (perhaps too cheap for you?). Admittedly they’ve twice been nicked by tramps / potential bike-nappers, so I’d like something more vandal-proof too. R&G sounds tempting.