Bike cops patrolling

Just come past the M25 at the Dartford tunnel side and noticed 2-3 bike cops prowling around. I think they are pulling in vans and lorries for checks but they are patrolling up and down University Way (road to Crayford and Erith) and the A206 (I think) on the other side of the M25 (going to Gravesend/Swanscombe) so best keep it steady around that area. Did notice one going round one of the roundabouts a couple of more times than necessary, looked like he was having a bit of fun, undercarriage of his BM an inch from the road! These guys are very smooth!

They are only pulling in dodgy larger vehicles. I went past there about 6 times in 2 hours, not going slow either. I overook everyone on the roundabout and changed lanes badly in my car. Didnt pull me. Lorries i think. hehe

Doing the same at Junc 1 of the M1 and North circ, seemed to be lorries only


Why is this not surprising from our diligent female driving community?!


cheeky sod… i did it safely, just couldnt be arsed to follow the lanes hehe

saw a couple of Met bikers using the Yam FJ1300’s which are seriously quick so I guess flickin’ on the blue lights just got a whole lot more satisfying.