Bike cop vs speed bump

Looking good at takeoff ,points off for the landing .


Noddy. I know it’s not true but it seems to me like none of the US police can drive at all… You watch those police chase tv shows and they’re in these big lumbering saloons driving like they’ve never driven a car before…

And why do they ride such impractical bikes for the job in that video?!?

I’m all confused

more confused than that …Thats a Mexican in that video :wink:

Looks more like a stoppie than getting some air. :w00t:

Looks to me as if …

Theory 1 - He saw the speed bump late and grabbed on the front brake resulting in the stoppie before reaching the bump and then he losses it when the front wheel hits the speed bump and the rear wheel overtakes.

Theory 2 (for the insurance purposes) - A failed emergency stop whilst riding at 25 kph to avoid the pigeon at 0:28

Check out the the 7th rider he almost comes a cropper too, riding too close he doesn’t seem to notice the riders in front slowing down, swerves left taking the speed bump at an angle and just about holds on.

That’s NOT a speed bump. that’s a road fault… watch as they all DROPP suddenly …

Someone has to find out where the grip / impending death is I suppose.

Well Fcuk me Larry. Pigs DO fly :smiley: hahahahahhahhahahaha