Bike collection / Delivery

Hi all, rather then hire a van for the day I thought i would see if any of you guys would prefer the money to collect Tiggi’s trackbike from OMC and deliver it to Dunstable. I have sent a email to TripleSteve who has recently started his business but if any of you have a van and fancy the cash just PM me the cost and i’ll get back to you - would prefer for it to be collected/delivered this Saturday. :smiley:

Distance is:

From OMC via A5/M1/A5 is 38 miles (roughly just over 1hour)

From OMC via A4/M4/M25/M1/A5 is 53 miles (about 1 hour 15)


If I may venture. Try a company called A2B:

I can’t recomend these guys enough. Got stuck out with a new bike purchase in the snow, as arranged pick up let me down. A2B were out within 20 mins. Stored the bike over the weekend, delivered safe and sound. Lovely guys, give a try if no joy else where.

Sent them an email, thanks.

Lbt Bike Recovery
020 7228 0800

Give me a call if you don’t get any joy. :slight_smile:

Will do, think Tigg’s has your number.

Brian The BCR Mop 07956 232524

Hi Sean
Message received and reply with proposal returned please let me know what you wish to do.
Regards Steve aka Rapidbikerecovery

Sorted now, money is going to a worthy cause thanks to Steve @ Rapid bike recovery. Awesome!:smiley:

Praise thread to be posted after delivery… just incase!:Whistling::D:w00t:

No problem Sean should be with you between 10 and 11 in the morning .