bike cleaners

Interested in a company in coulsdon (think there called moclean). They are mobile bike cleaners who come to your house! Anyone used them?

All going to plan, Mo Clean will be at the Summer Party to show you how they clean your bike and discuss what cleaning options they have available.

Mo has very kindly donated a ‘Precision Wash’ as an LAA raffle prize (see the party page for more info)!

hi,i i used him 2day,just to says he’s brilliant. like it says on the tin!

Have a butchers :wink:

Sipermoto on here transformed my old Ducati before I sold it!:w00t::cool:

another LBer renshi brought his busa over yesterday and i fitted a modified front fender took 20 mins, i then spent 2 hrs cleaning his bike, i love cleaning bikes, bikes should look fast standing still, looking all gleaming, so if ya want ya bike washed im all yours lol :smiley: